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Shi V. Liu¡¯s Criticisms on iPS Cell Research


 (Updated 2010-07-23)



iPS cells: stem cells induced from terminally differentiated cells or just pre-existing stem cells being detected?

Logical Biol.7: 63-65, 2007

Stop a fundamental cheating in reporting cloning research

Top Watch 2: 25-27, 2007

Egg- or- embryo-free creation of patient-specific stem cells from skin cells: Give me a break

Top Watch 2: 37-38, 2007

Are iPS cells really indistinguishable from ES cells?

Logical Biol.7: 66-68, 2007

Further comments on the nature of iPS cells

Logical Biol.7: 69-72, 2007

Rebuttal against an authoritative but ungrounded peer review

Logical Biol.7: 73-75, 2007

Higher scientific and ethical standard for reporting therapeutic cloning

Top Watch 2: 90-93, 2007

Can the iPS airplane really fly high in the therapeutic sky?

Logical Biol.7: 84-86, 2007

Nuclear transplantation-derived embryonic stem cells are distinct from those emerging from fertilization

Logical Biol.7: 91-93, 2007

Alternative views on the formation of iPS cells

Logical Biol.7: 94-95, 2007

Induction of pluripotency: Where is the evidence? An open letter to cell and Yamanaka

Top Watch 2: 94-96, 2007

Western ¡®radars¡¯ should detect Chinese ¡®airplanes¡¯

Top Watch 2: 97-98, 2007

A real therapeutic stem cell ¡®airplanes¡¯ in China

Top Watch 2: 99-100, 2007

On Nature¡¯s safety net for crashing iPS airplanes

Top Watch 2:103-104, 2007

Christmas sale for iPS ¡°airplanes¡±

Top Watch 2: 105-108, 2007

Invalidating the induction claim and adopting an activation mechanism for stem cells useful for regenerative medicine

Logical Biol.7: 96-99, 2007

Are iPS cells really induced from differentiated cells?

Logical Biol.8: 1-7, 2008

Can Yamanaka Explain His Contradictory Statements?

Logical Biol.8: 13-15, 2008

IPS Cells Are Man-Made Cancer Cells

Logical Biol.8: 16-18, 2008

Open Letter to Nobel Prize Selection Committee against Awarding Yamanaka and other iPS Cell Researchers

Top Watch 3:1-3, 2008

Understanding the ¡°Reprogramming¡± Process in ¡°Inducing¡± iPS Cells

Logical Biol.8: 19-22, 2008

A simple experiment to verify the ¡®direct reprogramming¡¯ claim on iPS cell ¡®induction¡¯

Logical Biol.8: 23-24, 2008

On the Oct-4 reporting chaos

Logical Biol.8: 25-26, 2008

Sequential reprogramming of differentiated cells into iPS cells or sequential differentiation of transformed pre-existing stem cells?

Logical Biol.8: 27-29, 2008

Repeated applications do not validate ¡®induction¡¯ of stem cells by iPS technique

Logical Biol.8: 30-31, 2008

Towards a Balanced View on iPS Cells

Logical Biol.8: 32-38, 2008

One Factor Dropped from the 'Inducing' Soup, One Piece of Evidence Added against the 'Induction' Claim

Logical Biol.8: 39-41, 2008

5 Reasons to Get off the iPS ¡°Airplane¡±

Logical Biol.8: 42-46, 2008

Re-Learn the Polywater Lesson for iPS Cells

Top Watch 3:7-8, 2008

iPS Cells and Pseudoscience: a Huge Detour in Stem Cell Research

Top Watch 3:9-11, 2008

iPS Cells versus ES Cells

Logical Biol.8: 47-48, 2008

Paying Attention to the Underlying Meaning of Understatements for iPS Cells

Top Watch 3: 12-13, 2008

Credit for Critics and a Whole Story for iPS Cells

Sci. Ethics 3: 6-7, 2008

On the Rates of Establishing ntESC and the Hope for Improvements

Logical Biol.8: 49-51, 2008

Evidence for selection of pre-existing stem cells rather than induction of iPS cells

Logical Biol.8: 52-54, 2008

iPS Confusion and Clarification

Logical Biol.8: 55-56, 2008

The Final Blow-up of the Induction and Reprogramming Claim for iPS Cells

Logical Biol.8: 57-61, 2008

The Real Road Blockers for Patenting iPS Cells

Logical Biol.8:62-67, 2008

Further Evidence that iPS Cells Are Man-Made Cancer Cells

Logical Biol.8: 66-68, 2008

iPS Cells: A More Critical Review

Stem Cells and Dev. 17:391-397, 2008

Getting Safer iPS Cells or Reaching an iPS Dead-End?


Logical Biology 8 (4):82-86, 2008

Toward a Realistic Re-Assessment of iPSCs

Logical Biology 9 (1):6-7, 2009

Embryonic and adult education on stem cells

Logical Biology 9 (1):8-9, 2009

Are Generation 2 iPSCs Really Safe?


Logical Biology 9 (1):12-13, 2009

Cancer Risk May Still Present in Episomally Transformed iPSCs

Logical Biology 9 (1):14-15, 2009

Some Concerns about Protein-Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells (piPSCs)

Logical Biology 9 (1):16-18, 2009

Credit for Critics and a Whole Story for iPS Cells

Scientific Ethics 3(1): 6-7, 2008

Re-Learn the Polywater Lesson for iPS Cells

Top Watch 3(1):7-8, 2008

iPS Cells and Pseudoscience: a Huge Detour in Stem Cell Research

Top Watch 3(1):9-11, 2008


Paying Attention to the Underlying Meaning of Understatements for iPS Cells

Top Watch 3(1):12-13, 2008


An April Fool¡¯s Spinning on iPS Cells

Top Watch 3(1):18, 2008

Questions Regarding iPSC-based Correction of Hemophilia

Top Watch 4(1):5-6, 2009

Reaching a realistic assessment on iPSCs before developing any Reasonable consent for iPSCs

Top Watch 4(1):7-8, 2009


Conflict of Interest: Declare or Not to Declare?

Scientific Ethics 4(1): 7-8, 2009

Distinctions between iPSCs and ESCs Published Earlier


Top Watch 4(1):18-19, 2009

Open Public Comments to Public

Pioneer 4(1): 13-14, 2009

Cancer Cell Formation by iPS Techniques: Mechanisms and Testing Approaches

Logical Biology 9 (1):22-41, 2009

Distinguishing Cancerous iPSCs from ESCs

Top Watch 4(1):20-23, 2009

Published Insights for Distinctions between iPSCs and ESCs and Why and How

Logical Biology 9 (1):44-51, 2009

Understanding the Nature and Risk of Incorrectly Programmed Stem Cells (iPSCs)

Logical Biology 9 (1):52-60, 2009

Over-Stretching iPSC Findings May Cause a Breakage of Public Trust on Science

Logical Biology 9 (1):61-64, 2009

A Misrepresented Research Finding well Protected by Nature

Logical Biology 9 (1):65-68, 2009

Abandon an Empty Stochastic Model and Move Towards a Deterministic Progress for iPSC Research

Logical Biology 9 (1):69-76, 2009

iPS Mice: Passing Acid Test Or Breaking Basic Ethics?

Top Watch 4(2):27-28, 2009

Alternative Views on a Recent PNAS iPSC Publication and Further Suggestions

Logical Biology 9 (1):77-78, 2009

"Induced" Eyes Might Have Captured Some Truth on Development

Logical Biology 9 (1):79-81, 2009

A Revelation of Submission Manipulation and Neglect by Nature

Logical Biology 9 (1):82-86, 2009

A Top-Ranked Journal's Low-Level Performance

Logical Biology 9 (1):87-88, 2009

Comments on Liu's Criticisms over iPSC Research

Logical Biology 9 (1):89-91, 2009

Outright Misrepresentation Should Be an Easy Target Amenable to Invalidation

Logical Biology 9 (1):97-107, 2009

Shi V. Liu's Collection of Rejections by Mainstream Journals: 2008-2009

Logical Biology 9 (1):108-111, 2009

Why Do We Need "Fully Pluripotent" iPS Cells?

Top Watch 4(2):29-30, 2009

Medical and Ethical Concerns over Using Safety-Unproven iPSCs for Clinical Treatme

Sci. Ethics 4(1):9-11, 2009

A Public Protest against Presenting Gairdner Award to Shinya Yamanaka

Sci. Ethics 4(1):12-14, 2009

Idea Repetition and Credit Robbery in iPS Research and Publishing

Sci. Ethics 4(1):18-20, 2009

Reasons for And Cautions against Near-Final Version Publications

Top Watch 4(2):31-32, 2009

Why Cell Refuses to Show This Comment?

Top Watch 4(2):33-35, 2009

A Repeated Objection against a Potential Noble Prize to Yamanaka

Top Watch 4(2):36-37, 2009

What Are the Scientific and Ethical Standards for Top Journals?

Top Watch 4(2):38-41, 2009

Fast Protest against a Fast Hype on iPS Cells

Top Watch 4(2):44-47, 2009

The Method of the Year 2009 and Its Intrinsic Problems

Logical Biology 10 (1):1-3, 2010

From Reprogrammable Mice to Man: Why Misrepresentation Cannot Lead to Real Application

Logical Biology 10 (1):4-9, 2010

iPS Reprogramming Efficiency Came back to Reality, Finally

Logical Biology 10 (1):10-11, 2010

A Huge iPSC Hype Not Yet Seen through

Logical Biology 10 (1):16-18, 2010

The Mighty Misrepresentations Preserve Problems for iPSCs

Logical Biology 10 (1):19-21, 2010

Are iPSCs really functionally equivalent with ESCs?

Logical Biology 10 (1):22-23, 2010

Moving iPS Research into the Correct Direction

Logical Biology 10 (1):24-27, 2010

A Confirmation of My Earlier Conclusions on iPS Reprogramming And iPSCs

Logical Biology 10 (2):29-35, 2010

Another Confirmation of My Earlier Discoveries on iPSCs And iPS Reprogramming

Logical Biology 10 (2):36-40, 2010

"Cherry-Picking": Can We Focus On Those Super "Cherry-Pickers" Please?

Sci. Ethics 5(1):1-2, 2010

Complaint against Nature's Cherry-Picking against Truth And Discrimination against Truth-Seeking Scientists

Sci. Ethics 5(1):3-5, 2010

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